ANA Hall of Fame
Award Description
The ANA Hall of Fame recognizes an individual’s lifelong commitment to the field of nursing and its enduring impact on the health and/or social/political history of the United States. Up to two nurses may be inducted each award cycle into the ANA Hall of Fame. The first inductees into the ANA Hall of Fame occurred in 1976.
Award Criteria
The nominee:

1. Must have a consistent, outstanding record of leadership and have demonstrated leadership that affected the health and/or social/political history of the United States through sustained, life-long contributions to professional organizations, nursing practice, education, administration, research, working conditions, or literature.

2. Is a recognized and respected leader in nursing and health care.

3. Must have been prepared in a formal registered nursing program unless the contribution was made before 1873 when no formal training was available.

4. The impact of the contributions to the nursing profession may be domestic and/or global.

5. The achievements must have enduring value to nursing beyond the nominee’s lifetime. (Note: Nominees for the Hall of Fame Award may be living or deceased.)
Additional Information
Nomination for this award is currently closed.