Mary Ellen Patton Staff Nurse Leadership Award
Award Description
The Mary Ellen Patton Staff Nurse Leadership Award recognizes an individual staff nurse who has made significant contributions to the professional advancement of staff nurses and who has demonstrated leadership in the nursing profession.
Award Criteria
The nominee:

1. Must be a C/SNA-ANA or IMD member.

2. Must currently be employed as a staff nurse. Per the ANA Bylaws, a staff nurse is defined as one who is non-supervisory, non-managerial, and includes one or more of the following:

    a. who is employed by a health care institution or agency;

    b. whose primary role in that staff nurse position is a provider of direct patient care;

    c. who is collective bargaining eligible under applicable labor law.

3. Must be active and have made significant contributions through demonstrated leadership at the local, district, state, and national levels.

4. Must have made significant contributions to the advancement of professional staff nurses.

5. Must demonstrate quality of care and professional behavior within his/her practice at the patient's side.
Additional Information
Nomination for this award is currently closed.