Honorary Nursing Practice Award
Award Description
The Honorary Nursing Practice Award was established in 1974 to acknowledge registered nurses who are involved in direct patient care. The recipient, through strength of character, commitment, and competence, receives recognition by peers as one who contributes to the advancement of nursing practice. This nurse also participates in community and organizational affairs, demonstrates an ability to work with others, and has an innovative outlook.
Award Criteria
The nominee:

1. Must have been a member of the nursing profession for at least five years.

2. Through application of nursing knowledge, assists patients in functioning at and maintaining optimum levels of health and activities, as persons, as members of families, and as members of their community.

3. Through direct nursing practice, provides innovations that help and encourage peers in their practice of nursing and acts as a role model to inspire peers to improve their quality of practice.

4. Has contributed to the improvement of quality of direct patient care.

5. Has participated in community affairs, been recognized by peers, participated in organizational affairs, and has the ability to work with others and an innovative outlook.
Additional Information
Nomination for this award is currently closed.